The use of essential oils for the purpose of healing is called Aromatherapy. The most common therapeutic uses of essential oils are massaging into the skin or inhalation of vapors. Both methods allowed the plant oil chemical compounds to cross into the bloodstream.

AROMA (smell): When stimulated it releases endorphins, neurotransmitters and other “feel good chemicals.”
TOUCH (skin): Works through absorption by the scan into the bloodstream (with a carrier oil).

* Create balance & well being
* Boost immune, respiratory& circulatory systems.
* Aids cardiovascular, integumentary (skin), digestive, and immune system.
* Spiritual (Good for the Soul)

1. Select your TREATMENT: Massage or Reiki.
2. Select your OIL BLEND: Zen, Om, Bohemian Dreams, or Enchantment
3. Contact us to make the appointment!
MASSAGE - A massage starting with dry brushing to remove the dead skin cells and using hot towels to open the pores. The oil blend will be applied to the skin through a relaxation massage.

REIKI - The energy worker can scan your energy field working on balancing chakras. This helps to increase awareness then assisting rebounding, restoration, and relaxation. Start with your choice of 15 min Scalp Treatment or Reflexology (foot massage). The oil blend will be used in a diffuser and may be applied through compressions. 

All treatments are $85 (60 min)
ZEN (calming)
- The world can be hectic and cause a lot of pressure and anxiety. This blend of LAVENDER, CLARY SAGE, PEPPERMINT, and ROSEMARY benefits to unwind, re-focus, and relax. Bringing you back to your true state of calm.

OM (centering) - At times we may feel disconnected, agitated, and stressed. This blend of SANDALWOOD, LOTUS, ROSE, and CEDARWOOD promotes the ability to steady the conscience mind and connect to your inner peace.

BOHEMIAN DREAMS (emotional balance) - Massage can lower cortisol levels and increase serotonin. Boosting your body to fight off pain, anxiety and feelings of sadness. This blend of WILD ORANGE, PATCHOULI, LAVENDER, and VETIVER will help restore balance and harmony for your mind, body, and soul.

ENCHANTMENT (uplifting) - An uplifting blend of BERGAMOT, YLANG YLANG, ORANGE, JASMINE, CEDARWOOD, and SANDALWOOD promotes a sense of well being, raising your spirits, awakening your senses, stimulating the mind while relaxing the body. A feeling of going within and being at peace.

*Treatments are highly relaxing and detoxing. You may need time to adjust to normal activities. Taking it easy and drinking water throughout the day is advisable .
FACIAL (cleansing and calming)

Properties from geranium oil will help promote the appearance of healthy skin while also providing a grounding and calming affect to the emotions. Bergamot is good for any skin condition and is a mood lifter. Products from locals Rad Soap Co., Anja (my favorite spa boutique in Jackson Hole, WY!), and doTerra essential oils are used in this treatment. We will also use steam, cleansing, exfoliating, massaging, hot towels, facial mask, and moisturizer.
$80 (60min)

SCALP TREATMENT (calming and relaxing)
Your choice of CLARY SAGE and LIME or SANDALWOOD and JASMINE blends. It may change throughout the months or season. A head, face, neck, and shoulder massage that improve circulation, conditions and stimulate hair growth, and relaxes and calms the mind. These essential oil blends are beneficial for hair repair/growth and mental clarity.
30 min $40
60 min $75
Add on a 15 minute SCALP TREATMENT to any other treatment for $20

Combo Treatments (choose 2):
Massage, Reiki,  Facial or Scalp Treatment
45 min each/ 90 min total $150