Beginner Yoga with Tara Smith- This gentle flow class will introduce proper alignment of poses while creating space to twist a little deeper, allowing you the option to bring awareness to places that no longer serve you.  This class will also incorporate pranayama and meditation in the midst of the calming hour.

Free Spirit Yoga [Hatha] with Ara Ritrovato - A creative and spiritual flow with a mindful and loving approach. This class includes many therapeutic and healing principles including asanas, chakras, meditation, mudras, and chanting. The intention behind this class is to give attention to you, the practitioner, by creating a nurturing space to have fun, challenge yourself, rest, and connect. All levels are welcome.

Hatha (All levels) with Katja Kinnunen Vanfretti -  This class is based on classical yoga. Strong focus on asana and breathwork explores energetic qualities of our being. Physical benefits of stretching, strengthening and balancing postures translate to how we can feel mentally. Classes include short meditation and Bandha work.

Restorative Yoga and Sound Meditation with Andrea  Williams - Restorative yoga is gentle and slow moving yoga, almost meditative, with supported deeply restful poses that are held for long periods of time with the aid of props: bolsters, straps, blocks, and blankets for little or no effort by the yoga student. The immersive vibrations of singing bowls throughout the practice and a gong bath during a long Savasana emphasize relaxation and mindfulness while one feels the benefits of the stretch. Restorative yoga can tap into the parasympathetic nervous system and provide the self-soothing that we need for ourselves to help manage everyday stress, addictions, or chronic pain.

Sunday Stretch with Delaney Rives - This class is designed to allow students of varying levels and experiences to explore the benefits of a yoga practice. In flowing through poses, students gain strength, balance and greater control over their bodies as well as increased confidence as they notice their practice change and grow. Besides the physical benefits, this class aims to provide students the space to experience the psychological benefits of yoga as well, including a sense of calm and peace accompanied by feelings of empowerment and self-love.