​​Align & Flow with Amanda J. Vrsalovic
This class is for people who want to feel empowered by their own body’s strength. It is fast paced vinyasa focusing on body awareness. Bringing in elements of breath work and powerful postures. Welcoming all who want to challenge their body, mind and spirit. 

Beginner Yoga with Tara Smith- This gentle flow class will introduce proper alignment of poses while creating space to twist a little deeper, allowing you the option to bring awareness to places that no longer serve you.  This class will also incorporate pranayama and meditation in the midst of the calming hour.

Community Class [Hatha] with Ara Ritrovato - A creative and spiritual flow with a mindful and loving approach. This class includes many therapeutic and healing principles including asanas, chakras, meditation, mudras, and chanting. The intention behind this class is to give attention to you, the practitioner, by creating a nurturing space to have fun, challenge yourself, rest, and connect. All levels are welcome.

Hatha (All levels) with Katja Kinnunen Vanfretti -  This class is based on classical yoga. Strong focus on asana and breathwork explores energetic qualities of our being. Physical benefits of stretching, strengthening and balancing postures translate to how we can feel mentally. Classes include short meditation and Bandha work.

Vinyasa - “Fire-ey Flow” with Phia Varosy (Class on a break)
A heat-building vinyasa flow designed to build strength and flexibility. This flow leaves room for exploring intuitive movements and shapes, giving individuals an opportunity to familiarize themselves with what their bodies can do! Open to all levels.

Tranquil Yoga with Tara Smith

A class to promote self care; taking an hour out of your day centered around you. We will focus on finding comfort in stillness whether during meditation and centering or during static holds in our asana practice. This class is catered to beginners but will benefit all levels, as we can all use this class to bring intention to our breath work and movements during our practice.
Whether you’re a ‘morning’ person or ‘roll out of bed whenever’ person, take some time with me for your self care.